Glutamine Powder

Glutamine Powder

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Our 100% pure L-Glutamine is the highest
quality, purest Glutamine available, giving you the
ultimate in the Glutamine results.
Don’t be fooled by less expensive Glutamine
products. We use only Glutamine with no fillers
or additives.
• Laboratory Tested for Quality and Purity
• Micronized for Fast Absorption
• No Filers, Sodium or Sugar

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in our bodies. It works to support many healthy functions, including:

  • Making proteins for muscle tissue
  • Fueling cells that protect our intestines
  • Supporting immune system cells
  • Helping to detoxify the liver of foreign substances


Serving size : 5g

Servings Per Container : 60

L-Glutamine : 5000mg Per Serve